Adopt A Grandparent
Adopt A Grandparent

Adopt A Grandparent

+ Adopt a Grandparent balloon sculptures with be similar to the picture, but will vary according to available products. Requests for specific colors/styles/features will not be able to honored for this particular product.

+ Delivery will be Feb. 13th.

+ When checking out, please select "pick up Feb. 13, any time" to avoid being charged for delivery. Also, please ignore the request for a tip as you check out. I don't know how to turn it off, or I would. We are not trying to make a profit on this, just trying to spread some happiness.

+ If you would like us to include a note with your delivery or have it delivered for a particular resident at Traditions, please leave the information in the comments below.

+ Thank you for supporting the #adoptagrandparent movement!


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