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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We deliver helium bouquets, garlands, and gifts from our store.

+ We deliver everyday (except Monday) 10 - 3 daily.

+ Delivery area is a 15 mile radius of our store (5306 Main Street, Spring Hill).  You can add delivery at check out.  

+ For delivery and installation of pieces outside of our delivery area, please contact us for a quote. 

We're sorry, but we cannot inflate balloons brought to us from Amazon, Party City, Walmart, Target, etc.

A.K.A. Arches and swags, garlands are the long strands of balloon clusters that you've been seeing everywhere.

+ Begin by visiting our garland page and decide what size/style you would like.

Next, choose the size you would like. Visit our garland size gallery if you aren't sure what size will work best.

+ After you have determined what size you need, select the colors you would like in your garland. Add any special notes. Then place it in your cart.

+ At check out, you can decide on delivery/pick up preferences.

+ Pay and you are done!

Measure the size of the space you are decorating and decide which length would suite the space best. Look at our garland sizing gallery to get an idea of what size works in your space.


+ Small garlands fit well as accents above doors, window nooks, or small spaces that need a burst of interest.

+Medium garlands give additional length and can even be overlapped to give additional fullness.  They can stretch around the top of a doorway and hang closer to the floor.

+Large garlands give you lots of length to play with.  You can stretch over large openings and/or double some parts over to play with fullness. 

We cannot actually guarantee your balloons for any length of time after your balloons are picked up or delivered. Balloons are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, textured surfaces, sharp objects, weather, and mishandling. We can't control the different variables they are exposed to (sharp door frame, gust of wind, hot surface, the temperature of your home, etc) once they leave our store. If we pop your balloon, we will replace it. If you pop your balloon, we will be happy to assist you in buying another.

Generally, in good conditions, balloons will last:

Indoor air decor

+ 3 or more weeks

+ feel free to order a few days in advance if you are installing it indoors

Outdoor air decor

+ depending on the weather 1-5 days

+ temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight, strong winds, etc. will effect the longevity of your arrangement


+ 11 in. latex without hi-float 1 day, with hi-float 5-7 days

+ 24 in. latex 3-5 days without hi-float, with hi-float 3-5 weeks

+ foil balloons 2+ days

Yes!  Installation pricing/options are available for an additional fee. You can select it as an option when you order your garland.

If you are picking up a garland, we recommend coming with the proper vehicle:

+ Small  will fit in a SUV or larger

+ Medium will fit in a large SUV with the seats down.

+ Large will fit in a van with the seats out and removed

Yes! Please see our custom garland page for specialty pricing and ordering.