Balloon Order Form

Order Process

  • Step 1 - Look at the pricing guide to get a sense of what we offer
  • Step 2 - Fill out the form below to get the order started
  • Step 3 - We will reach out via email or text to finalize details and pricing
  • Step 4 - Receive payment link via email, pay, and you are done!
  • Delivery Info: Pick up is free, delivery is based on $3/mile from our store (5306 Main Street, Spring Hill).  Pick Up is available Tuesday - Saturday (10-1), delivery is Tuesday - Saturday (1-3).  Arrangements can be made outside of these times. Extra fees may apply depending on the time and difficulty of the scheduling.  
  • Balloons typically last 1-5 days, however we don't guarantee any balloons after they are delivered or picked up as we cannot control the climates they are stored in, weather, and/or treatment of them.
  • Custom Bouquets are a mix of foil and latex balloons in different sizes and styles.  Basically we take the theme/colors you want and create a one of a kind piece for you.  The amounts of the bouquets are a guide for how much you would like to spend on them.  As we are selecting balloons for the custom bouquets, we go by the pricing guide for individual balloons.  For example, a mini bouquet may include: one large foil ($15), 5 small latex ($2 each), 2 small foils ($5/each), weight ($2), and misc decorative elements (ribbons, individual tassels ($3) for a total of $40.  Or it could be made with a different combination of different individual balloons for a total of $40.  
  • We have many themed balloons available and can order many more if given enough a minimum of 7 days.  From your response in the notes below we can determine what we have that will work with your theme.  Don't hesitate to ask if you don't see something on the website!  
  • You can most definitely order individual balloons! Just list in the notes the kind and number you want.  
  • Sorry we do not inflate balloons from other stores (Party City, Wal Mart, Target, Amazon, etc.).