For the month of January, we are temporarily moving to curbside pickup and delivery only.

Custom Garlands

How it works:

+ Review our pricing and examples below to get an idea of what we offer.

+ Fill out the Contact Form Below.

+ We will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss details and arrange payment.

Basic Pricing :

Stardard Width Garlands: Mini 4 ft. $45, Small 5 ft. $60, Medium 10 ft. $110, Large 15 ft. $165

Thick Garlands: Mini 4 ft. - Not Offered, Small 5 ft. $120, Medium 10 ft. $220, Large 15 ft. $330

Traditional Arches Start at $250

Add ons:

Jumbo Latex $20-$30

Small foils $5-$7/each

Large foils $10-$13 each

Custom Vinyl $20+ per balloon

Confetti $30+

Custom Colors $50+

Greenery/Florals $50+


$3/mile from our store in Spring Hill


30% of the cost of the garland

Custom Garlands